Serving our communities with poise and integrity


Professionally engaging the working class in a pleasurable, innovative, and relaxing commute, while focusing on the well-being of each individual, and thriving on supporting a healthier life style.

The Company

About Me, Transportation, LLC  a professional and affordable transportation service that caters to the commuting workforce, offering dedicated door-to-door connection, with preorder morning continental meals and hot/cold beverages. We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service, safe drivers, and the concierge personal attention delivered to each commuter.

About Me, Transportation, LLC is affordable and uses the latest technology to connect with all customers. Our focus is to give our customers the opportunity to be relieved from the exhaustion of commuting hours a day and assist in reducing city and highway traffic.

Each commuter will save money and time, reduce the amount of car maintenance, buying gas, and car insurance, parking fees and bridge toll. There is no longer a need to be concerned about the safety of your vehicles being parked unattended or traveling alone.

About Me, Transportation, LLC emphasis is the commuting workforce, who individually travel by personal vehicle or public transportation. We will expand services throughout Northern California, creating jobs and reducing the approximately 300,000 residents that commute alone throughout the San Francisco Bay Area each day by a minimum of 10 percent.


  • Drivers
  • Dispatcher
  • Administrative Assistant