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Commuter (Set Schedule 70 miles plus)
Commuting to work by car 70 miles plus round trip? How would like to be picked up and dropped off at your front door of your home and your place of employment? This is the solution for you. Rate will vary according to total round trip distance.

Random Commuters (Schedule Varies)
Do you have a flexible or rotating work schedule and drive to work? Let us get you there with no hassle. You let us know your work schedule and we will be there to pick you up and drop you off, to and from work. All this for a low monthly rate.

BART Routes (AM Set Schedule)
Do you prefer to take BART to work and on a set schedule? How about leaving your car at home with no parking hassle. We will pick you up at your front door and drop you off at BART daily for a low monthly rate.

Kids and School
Do you drive your kids to school and prefer to have a reliable, safe, and dedicated driver to pick them up and drop them off? For a low monthly rate we have the solution for you.

Special Events
Are you and a group of family or friends planning an event? Instead of wondering who will drive, let us do it for you with no worries. We offer low competitive rates.


Monthly Commuter
Rates starting at $110/month

  • Services will be the door-to-door full commute rides
  • Registration/Deposit one-time fee of $25 per person

Monday through Friday (Rides to and from BART)
Rates starting at $60/month

  • Monthly fee is based on AM capacity
  • Local AM and PM peak hours round trip to and from BART (monthly fee)
  • Registration/Deposit one-time fee of $10 per person

Others Services (Rates vary)
Family service, private group rides, special events and more are available. For more info, please call (925) 207-2440 or email contactus@aboutmetransportation.com


Request for Future Commute Services